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What goes on then?

Sundays are an opportunity for us to meet together, at 10.45am every Sunday for a time of family worship. The worship is lively and all-age focussed.

What about kids?

We love kids, and we love to see them active in the life of the church. They lead us in times of prayer, singing as they are able, and we have no problem letting younger ones wandering around during the service.

We’ve got groups for all ages of children and young people, which go out mid-way through the service. Find out more about children and youth

I need to keep an eye on the time because the Sunday roast is on. What time do you finish?

We’re finished by 12pm normally.

Is there a dress-code?

No. Come as you feel comfortable.

Do you do communion?

We share communion once a month, on the third Sunday of the month.

Is there just the one service?

Once a month, we also have an evening service (the first Sunday of each month) where we also share communion. This is typically a quieter, more reflective service.

I’m nervous. I’ve never been to church.

We’re a very welcoming church; anybody is welcome. You’ve no reason to feel nervous. We’d love to see you.

I like to have a nice cup of tea after the service. Do you do them?

We do, along with nice cups of fresh coffee, cold drinks and if you’re lucky the odd biscuit. If you’re really lucky, we sometimes even have cake!

Is there parking?

We’ve got a car-park on-site, but it gets full relatively quickly, so be aware.

What if I’ve got a really bizarre question which you’ve not answered here?

Email us on or give us a call. We’re a friendly bunch and won’t bite. 

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