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Small groups

Small Groups

We believe that meeting in small groups enables us to get to know folks in a way which is just not possible on a Sunday. You get to know, support, encourage, learn from and pray for each other in a unique way in these groups. We have a small number of groups which suits different peoples’ time commitments and preferences. They are all slightly different in approach but have the consistent thread of praying together, studying the Bible together and just being together. They usually happen in peoples’ homes or at church and cater for anyone, wherever you are on the Christian journey. They often involve cake, too, which is always a bonus!

Details of some of our home groups are below. If you would like more information please contact


In the Church Resturant.

Come and meet for a cooked breakfast, fellowship and a short bible study.

Please contact John Burton for more information at the address below.

DROP-IN  BIBLE  STUDY - MONDAYS  fortnightly  1:30 - 3:00 p.m. 

Everyone is welcome to come when they can.  You don’t have to be a Christian.  Please join us!

We meet upstairs at Northfield Baptist Church.  We will share tea and biscuits, Bible study and a short prayer.  Please contact Roger or Susan for more information.


4 November 2019

Luke 12:49-53

Luke 14:25-34

Luke 18:18-34

Luke 19:1-10

Susan Parker

18th November 2019

Luke 13:18-21

Luke 14:12-14

Luke 15:1-32

Luke 17:1-4

Roger Parker

2nd December 2019

Luke 11:29-32

Luke 12:54-59

Luke 13:1-9; 22-30

Luke 16:19-31

Luke 17:11-17

Luke 18:35-43

Bob Fincher

16th December 2019


Luke 12:35-48

Luke 17:22-37

Luke 18:1-8

Luke 19:11-27

Susan Parker

LUNCH-TO-SHARE  monthly, 4th Tuesday  11:30 am -- 1:00 p.m

Everyone is welcome.  Please join us for lunch and general conversation.  Perhaps you are looking for something to which you can invite a neighbour or a friend or a stranger.  Please bring them with you.

Dates:  We will meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month -- except, perhaps, December.  

Time:  We will gather at 11:30am and wind-down at 1:00pm,or some might like to linger a little.   

Where:  In the upstairs hall of Northfield Baptist Church.

Please bring:   Food for two lunches and we will share with each other.  Please bring only food and drink to be served cold.  (Coffee and tea are available.)

If you feel unable to bring food, please join us anyway and we will share what we have. 

Please invite a guest:  The guest can be your neighbour, a stranger you met on the bus, or someone from our fellowship whom you would like to get to know better, for example.

Contact:  Please contact Susan for more information.   The following link will open an email:

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