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Sunday Services


Sunday Services 


This month, and into November, we will focus on the letter of 1 John. This epistle is a hidden gem often overlooked. John’s purpose for writing this letter is to declare the Word of Life to his hearers and readers, in order that they might be united in fellowship with the Father, his Son Jesus Christ and with each other.

6th  The Boy’s Brigade will be taking the  Parade Service, so we look forward to  what they                will share with us.

13th Bob is leading our service and Andy will start our new series  with the 1st chapter             of  1 John,

13th  Phyllis will be leading this Communion  service with  Thapelo leading us through 

          Communion itself Phil will continue our series with the second chapter of 1 John.

27th Toby will be leading our service and Henry will tackle the third chapter of 1 John.