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Minister's message

Minister's Message



A few months ago, I was having a light-hearted conversation with the folks in Trinity, while they were trying to persuade me to join the 21st century and install Whatsapp on my phone. (For those who don’t know what this is, it’s essentially a messaging service so you can communicate with larger numbers of people together on your phone, free). My response was tongue-in-cheek, and when it asked me whether I wanted to be informed any time someone sent a message, I recoiled in fake horror at the prospect of such an invasion of my life. I installed the programme, eventually. Then about a week later, uninstalled it again.

I found that it was another form of communication in a world where I, for one, wasn’t sure there was a need (I realise some will see this as a challenge to tell me how wonderful Whatsapp is, and that’s fine!). We are left in a world where we are bombarded from every angle about something or someone telling us what they have is urgent and needs our immediate and undivided attention, and that we are failing in our duty if we don’t immediately respond to it. Gone are the days where we were able to have space and rest. Email, social media and wall-to-wall TV coverage put us under increasing pressure in a time where God’s voice is increasingly drowned out.

How do we respond to these pressures? How does the church remain relevant and prophetic in that space? Is there space for it to be prophetic in? These are important challenges for us to wrestle with. Lent is the perfect time for us to be re-assessing our time with God, where we intentionally assess how we are prioritising God (if we are!) over the loud, shout-y things the world wants us to look at instead. The call of the Psalmist should be our cry...

‘Show me Your ways, O Lord. Teach me your paths.’ (Psalm 25:4)

This Lent season, I invite you to look at where and how God has space in your life, and encourage you to resist the call of the world to respond to their pressures. Instead, may we, God’s people, accept His call to be faithful to Him, putting Him first ahead of everything else.

I pray you find rest and peace in God’s presence this month. Be blessed, friends,