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This month

This Month

Sunday Services this month

As we journey through Lent, we’re concluding our series reflecting on the call of the church and how we can respond to the challenges we face in today’s society.

March 4th 10.45am                        To be love                                        1 Thessalonians 2:1-16

In this parade service, Dave will help us prayerfully consider why and how the church can reflect the love that God has given us, and how we can grow as a community of people showing and knowing that love meaningfully in our own lives.

March 11th 10.45am                     To be equipped                              Ephesians 4:1-16

In this morning’s service, Dave will lead us as we reflect on why the church was never meant to work in isolation or in its own strength, but rather in the power of the Holy Spirit.

March 18th 10.45am                     To be distinctive                            1 Peter 4:1-6

In today’s communion service, we will together think about how the church often tries too hard to be relevant, and how it is that we therefore often fail in our underlying call of being distinctive.

March 25th 10.45am                     To be faithful                                  2 Timothy 1:6-14

Today is Palm Sunday, and Phil will be concluding our series and preaching about how we are to remain faithful in light of all the things the world throws at us. We are reminded, particularly as we approach Easter, that Jesus’ message is one of hope. Dave will be leading our time of worship.

During Holy Week, we will be holding a short, reflective service alongside the Methodist Church, alternating between venues.

Mon 26th Mar 7.30pm, Methodist Church                          
Our joint Holy Week services with the Methodist Church give us a unique opportunity to worship and grow together with our Methodist brothers and sisters. These services will typically last 30-45 minutes. This year, Dave and Caz will use visual imagery to lead us in reflection about how each passage affects us today, living in Northfield.

Tue 27th Mar 7.30pm, Baptist Church                                 Matthew 22:15-22
Dave and Caz will lead our time together this evening as we spend time in prayer and reflection together. 

Wed 28th Mar 7.30pm, Methodist Church                          
Caz and Dave will lead our time of worship together this evening. 

Thu 29th Mar 7.30pm, Baptist Church                                 Luke 22:7-13 & 14-23           
Dave and Caz will lead a joint communion service in the Upper Room as we dwell on the events of the Last Supper together.

Good Friday 30th Mar 10.00am, St. Laurence Church
Meeting at St. Laurence Church Pastoral Centre, we will hold our traditional Annual Walk of Witness as part of the Churches Together in Northfield. All are welcome to this time of remembrance and reflection.

Good Friday 30th Mar 7.30pm, Methodist Church            
We conclude our Holy Week services tonight, with Dave and Caz leading a special Good Friday service in this time of worship together. 


Easter Sunday, April 1st 8.30am                        Easter Day communion

In this morning’s short and joyful service, we share the meal of communion to recognise the gift of life that Jesus’ death and Resurrection offers us. A shared breakfast will follow the service.

Easter Sunday, April 1st 10.45am                      Easter Day celebration

In this all-age service, we will share and give thanks to God for Jesus’ resurrection and the hope and eternal joy we can know in our souls as a result.

Whilst we endeavour to keep the Bible readings consistent with these, they may be subject to change. Wherever possible, we will communicate this in advance so you have an opportunity to read and pray before arriving at church.