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This month

This Month

Sunday Services this month

A New Year brings with it new hope and new plans. As we commit ourselves together this
Sunday to seeking God over this coming year, we trust in His presence to sustain, lead
and equip us for the year ahead.

We begin a new series exploring what it means to be God’s people: the church!

January 7 th 10.45am To be Christ 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12
We begin our year with our special covenant service, where we share a time of
communion together. Dave kicks off our series, helping us consider prayerfully what it
means to be Christ to those in our midst.

January 14 th 10.45am To be missional Romans 1:8-17
When Jesus called us to spread the Gospel, that was a proactive cry of sharing the Good
News. We will spend time together reflecting on what our real motivation is for being
church and think about how the importance of sharing the Gospel should shape how we

January 21 st 10.45am To grow together 1 John 3:11-24
When we think about the call to share the Gospel, we can forget the need for us to grow
spiritually together, too. Today, we will think about how we ensure we don’t neglect
spiritual growth in our walk with God.

January 28 th 10.45am To be hope Colossians 1:15-23
It is said that church isn’t a ‘museum for the perfect, but a hospital for the hurting’. This
morning, we think about how we know that hope in our own complicated lives, as we
seek to share it, too.

February 4 th 10.45am To be uncomfortable Philippians 1:12-26
In this parade service, we reflect together on what it means to be uncomfortable as we
seek God.

Whilst we endeavour to keep the Bible readings consistent with these, they may be
subject to change. Wherever possible, we will communicate this in advance so you have
an opportunity to read and pray before arriving at church.