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This month

This Month

Sunday Services this month

This month, we share together the joy of waiting for Christ to arrive in our Advent series ‘Divine intervention’. There are a whole range of services to cater for everyone.

December 3rd 10.45am               God before us                                Matthew 1:1-17

This plan wasn’t put together at short notice. God planned every aspect of Jesus right from the beginning of time, and is visible with the joys of hindsight in all the minutii of life itself. Losing sight of Jesus doesn’t mean His planning and love isn’t there. How do we know that to be true when faced with the problems life throws our way?

December 10th 10.45am             God behind us                                Matthew 1:18-25

His plans are bigger and better than ours. When Joseph faced ruin and Mary faced being ostracised forever, God’s plan held. God has got our backs even when we feel we’re faced with disaster. When life feels bleak, what must we do to find hope?

December 16th 5pm                     Blue Christmas

This special service is designed for all those who will find Christmas difficult this year. Whether it’s because you’ve lost a loved one, are remembering those who can’t be with you, or you simply find this time of year hard, this service will be a reflective, safe space to come and draw comfort from our loving God.

December 17th 10.45am             God above us                                  Luke 2:1-20

Fascinating that both initial encounters with humanity to share the news were from the sky, and no more glorious than angels filling the skies to share the Good News to the shepherds, the lowest of the low in society. Norms were thrown out of the window, and God transformed forever. Do we allow God to speak to us in unexpected ways, or do we expect Him to stick to certain protocol? How does God transform us forever if we refuse (or are unable) to be ready to let Him do so?

December 17th 4pm                     Christingle service

An all-age service of fun where the Good News is shared in a vibrant and relevant way. With oranges. And Dolly Mixtures.

December 24th      10.45am       God with us                         Matthew 2:1-12

The Magi needed to keep their wits about them to finally meet Jesus, remaining in tune with what He was saying through stars, visions and dreams. At times when things feel volatile or uncertain, where we must scour the skies for signs of life, what must we do to remember that God really is with us?

December 24th 11.30pm             Watchnight service

A short, reflective service to welcome in Christmas together.

Christmas Day 10.30am              God within us

Emmanuel is born: God with us. Today, we celebrate that truth with joy in this short all-age service.

December 31st 10.45am                        

This morning, we gather together to worship and give thanks to God for the year that we’ve shared together.

January 7th 10.45am

In the first Sunday of the calendar year, we re-commit ourselves to serving God together, supporting, encouraging, praying for and journeying with the wider fellowship in our covenant service. We will share a time of communion together with the children in to re-affirm this.

Whilst we endeavour to keep the Bible readings consistent with these, they may be subject to change. Wherever possible, we will communicate this in advance so you have an opportunity to read and pray before arriving at church.