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Sat coffee shop

Saturday Coffee Shop

At NBC, we believe it is really important to play our part in supporting charity work, whether it is local, national or international.

For that reason, we open our coffee shop regularly on a Saturday throughout the year. Open between 10am and 1:15pm, all proceeds going towards nominated charities. Our Girls Brigade offer a waiter-service to each table, and a selection of home-made cakes and snacks are available. There are also additions to our normal coffee shop menu, such as the now-legendary bacon rolls, hot dogs and hot chocolate.

Our confirmed dates and nominated charities for 2019 are listed below:

9th  March - Acacia

11th  May - Christian Aid (as part of Christian Aid week)

13th July - Guide Dogs for the Blind

14th September - Autism

12th October - Water Aid (as part of One World Week)

14th December - Madlug

To find out more, get in touch.