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Our Values

We believe that how we approach life shows what our heart is. We have a heart for prayer, a love and concern for those in Northfield and a passion for sharing Christ.


We know God is an incredible God who loves to get to know us more. We believe in the power of prayer, and have seen God move powerfully within the life of the church. We have a dedicated space for prayer which is open whenever the building is, and we meet each Wednesday morning between 7-10am to pray. This is open to anyone to pop in for as long as you want and is designed for those on the way to work, doing the school run or whatever.


This is at the heart of who we are. We spend time with each other over a coffee or food regularly. And we are a welcoming people: you’ll notice it during the week and on a Sunday.


We know that we’re all broken people in need of God’s grace and love. No-one is perfect and we’re called to be patient and caring with each other. Whatever your background, you’re welcome at Northfield Baptist.